Get Spring-Ready: The Best Tips for Hair, Skin, and Makeup

Get Spring-Ready: The Best Tips for Hair, Skin, and Makeup

Get Spring-Ready Spring is nearly here, time to smell the roses

Get Spring-Ready Springtime is all about renewal. Dust off the gloom of winter, and enjoy Nature as she rejuvenates the world. Flowers opening, buds appearing on trees, birds chirping, and soft, warm breezes – everything is fresh and new. Now is the time to celebrate a fresh and new You too! Get rid of those tired old routines. Refresh yourself and your outlook with new ways to show off this Spring.



When we think of the smells of Spring, we think of florals, the scent after the rain, and freshly mown grass. Capture these evergreen elements with your Get Spring-Ready perfume. Wear the right fragrance this season to caress your skin with eternal youth. Fougère scents are the epitome of Spring. Their herby, green notes have woodsy undertones. These blend with floral kisses or citrus zings that end with the depth of musks and ambers. These fresh, clean fragrances are a perfect combination. It will lift your mood and instantly make you feel like Flora, the Roman goddess of Spring.

Get Spring-Ready Find the ideal fragrance to immerse yourself in the wonders of the awakening world. Trending scents this season are those with Ylang Ylang, Lily of the Valley, Lemon, Mint, and all the florals. Light, fresh, and delicacy are the flavors we want. Men’s aftershaves and EDTs for Spring should also follow this line. Crisp top notes with a woodsy or citrus afterglow and a warm depth will keep you feeling revitalized. Happily, the unisex range has a stunning selection of scents that welcome Spring with the right blend of energy and warmth.


Get Spring-Ready What better way to welcome a change of season than to update drab winter hair? Now is the time to add luster to your locks with some pampering. Dry winter hair feels coarse and looks dull. A nourishing conditioner goes a long way to restoring your tresses to luxuriant health. For speedy hair refreshing,  try a hair mask or an oil treatment. Both of these will leave your hair nourished and glossy. If your scalp suffers from the effects of a dry winter, there are several treatments to help. These will soothe your follicles, leaving your hair gleaming. Too much product build-up can also cause dull, lifeless hair.  Get Spring-Ready Solve this with a clarifying or cleansing treatment.

Give your hair a little love, then show off your Spring look with sleek styling. Top trendsetters say the following hairstyles will be wowing on the catwalks this season: The Butterfly haircut with soft wispy layers pulled away from the face, like delicate butterfly wings. The Soft Bob hairstyle makes a comeback. Loose texturing pairs extremely well with the natural makeup look. Wispy bangs are always a hot favorite in warmer weather, adding an intriguing touch of romance to the face. The evergreen Chanel haircut still makes a powerful statement with its sleek definition. The most controversial haircut predicted for Spring has to be the Octopus haircut. The lovechild of the mullet and the shag, it manages to look like neither. It exudes a certain wild sexiness despite its origins. Whichever style you rock, having healthy, well-conditioned hair will make sure your crowning glory looks gorgeous.


Winter is harsh on the skin, particularly facial skin. Flakey skin and chapped lips are not how we want to welcome Spring. Give your skin the attention it deserves, and spend a little time getting it back to its glowing best. Cold winter winds and icy temperatures dehydrate the skin. A rich, nourishing moisturizer will go a long way to replenishing lost moisture. Face mask treatments are a quick way to get good results. Add a little extra care to the very delicate eye area. Eye skin is so thin that it is the first to show signs of dryness and, even worse, aging.

Get Spring-Ready A high-quality eye cream is essential to keep your skin plump and beautiful. If you have problem skin, many options from a spectrum of specialized products will give satisfying results. The new range of serums is made with high performance in mind and has had astonishing results. Trending celebrity skincare routines this season include personal skincare ranges and at-home devices. The focus is on wrinkle reduction and skin clearing. The best method to find what you need is to take some time in front of a mirror with good lighting. Take note of problem areas and general skin conditions. Spend a little time reading through product descriptions to find the perfect product to address these issues. A bit of planning will yield excellent results. With your fresh, soft skin, you are ready for Spring, like a butterfly emerging from winter’s cocoon. Spread those wings, baby!


Spring makeup has three main trends this year. The naked look continues to reign supreme. Natural makeup shows off clear complexions and always looks fresh and youthful. The second trend is a spinoff of the first. Keep things light but with a touch of shimmer. Shiny shimmers add a hint of luster to light makeup. Eye shadows are the main event here, with a kiss of shine. The effect is that the eyes seem larger and full of sparkle. The merest whisper of shimmer on the cheekbone draws attention to the high cheeks and slims the face.

This sun-kissed look is a fantastic way to greet warming weather with a healthy outdoor glow. We love this after enduring pale and pasty winter skin for so long. The third makeup trend this season is Back to Classic. Black eyeliners and mascaras bring the classic, but this year, they will be ultra-inky and sleek. All eyes are on the eyes this Spring. When choosing your new colors or palette, take care by choosing branded makeup. Cheap products are a fast track to skin infections and runny makeup. High-quality makeup is the only way to go. Bring a sparkle to your eyes with Spring Fever, and get your sheen on!

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