60+ Astonishing Gangster Side Hood Gangsta Neck Tattoo Designs for Guys

hood gangsta neck tattoo designs

You’re looking to make a bold statement with some fresh ink, and what better place than your hood gangsta neck tattoo designs? Neck tattoos are eye-catching and impossible to ignore. For the bad boys and thrill-seekers, gangster side neck tattoos are perfect. These designs scream rebellion and nonconformity. They represent living life on the edge with no regrets.

If you want a neck tattoo that makes a statement, gangster and hood-inspired designs are the way to go. From spiderwebs and barbed wire to skulls and crows, these tatts are edgy and sinister. They give off a dangerous vibe that says you play by your own rules. The side neck placement also allows you to cover up when needed while still showing off that hardcore style.

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Ready to showcase your wild side? Check out these 60+ astonishing gangster side neck tattoos for inspiration. But be warned, these tattoos are not for the faint of heart. Once you get inked, there’s no going back. You’ll be marking yourself as a nonconformist for life. Are you bold enough to rock one of these hardcore looks?

Meaning Behind Gangster Neck Tattoos

Neck tattoos are a bold statement in the tattoo world, especially gangster designs. They often represent criminal affiliations or accomplishments, like prison time served. But for many, the meaning goes deeper.

Pride in brotherhood

For gang members, neck tattoos can signify intense pride in their brotherhood or crew. The neck is a vulnerable area, so getting inked there proves your dedication and fearlessness. Images like spider webs, chains, or gang names and symbols are popular choices.

No fear of authority

Gangster neck tats also demonstrate a rebellious attitude and lack of fear of authority or societal standards. They’re hard to hide, even in professional or law-abiding environments, showing that you don’t care what others think and won’t be held back by their rules.

Life and death

Skulls, clowns, or grim reapers are common in gangster neck tattoos and represent facing death without fear. They show you’ve survived violence and danger in the past and are willing to do so again. Roses, clocks, or messages like “only the strong survive” convey living fast and dying young.

Prison time

Teardrop tattoos, especially under the eye, signify time served in prison. Multiple teardrops can represent the number of years incarcerated or lives taken. Spider webs on the neck often mean being “caught in the system” and doing hard time.

Gangster neck tattoos reveal a lot about the beliefs and experiences of those who wear them. They make a bold and rebellious statement for all to see.

Popular Gangster Neck Tattoo Designs and Symbols

When it comes to gangster neck tattoos, the options are endless. Here are some of the most popular designs:


The cross is a classic gangster tattoo that represents your Christian faith or life on the streets. A cross on the side of the neck is a bold statement of your beliefs or affiliation.

Spider web

The spider web is a popular prison tattoo that symbolizes time served. Placing a web on your neck signifies you’ve done hard time and survived.

Tear drop

The teardrop tattoo can have different meanings, like mourning the loss of a loved one or time in prison. A teardrop on your neck is a grim reminder of pain, loss or consequences.


A clock with no hands is a common gangster neck tattoo that represents ‘doing time’ or ‘life without parole’. The absent clock hands suggest time has stopped.


Dice, especially snake eyes, symbolize luck and risk-taking. tattoos on the neck display a daring personality who lives life on the edge.


Diamonds represent wealth, status and luxury. A diamond neck tattoo signifies you live a high-rolling lifestyle or value material possessions.


Flames embody passion, punishment or a short temper. Flame tattoos on the side of the neck convey you have a fiery spirit or rebellious streak.


A barcode neck tattoo indicates you see yourself as a ‘product of your environment’ or feel dehumanized by the system. It’s a statement of identity and nonconformity.

With so many options, you’ll have no trouble finding a gangster neck tattoo that suits your personality or beliefs. Just be sure to consider how visible and permanent neck ink really is before going under the needle.

Placement and Sizing Considerations for Neck Tattoos

When deciding on the placement and sizing of your neck tattoo, there are a few things to consider. The neck is a visible and sensitive area, so you want to think carefully about the design and how it will look over time.


The side of the neck is a popular spot for tattoos and provides a long canvas to work with. Wrapping a tattoo around the back of the neck is another option if you want something more discreet. The front of the neck is the most eye-catching location but can be more painful. Consider how the tattoo will interact with your hairline and how much or how little you want it to peek out from under your shirt collar.


Smaller tattoos on the side of the neck, around 1 to 3 inches in size, are a more subtle choice and easier to cover up if needed. Larger neck tattoos that extend up behind the ear or down onto the shoulder and collarbone make much more of a statement. Think about how a larger, more prominent tattoo will fit with your personal style and image. Neck tattoos also tend to bleed and blur over time, so very fine details and script may not age as well.


The content and subject matter of your neck tattoo is also important to consider based on the prominence and visibility of the location. Neck tattoos are hard to hide so you want to choose something meaningful that you will be comfortable with for life. Gang or prison-related tattoos are never a good idea. Stick with personal symbols, quotes, or nature-inspired designs.

Considering placement, size, and content carefully when planning your neck tattoo will help ensure you end up with a design you can live with for life without regret. Start small if you’re unsure, as you can always add on to a neck tattoo over time. But keep in mind, hood gangsta neck tattoo designs are difficult and expensive to remove if you change your mind!

Aftercare Tips for New Neck Tattoos

After getting your neck tattoo, proper aftercare is essential to help your new ink heal well and stay vibrant. Here are some tips to keep in mind:

Keep it clean

Gently wash your new tattoo 2-3 times a day with antibacterial soap and warm water. Carefully pat dry with a clean towel. Do not rub or scrub the area. Keeping the area clean will help prevent infection and speed up the healing process.

Apply ointment regularly

Apply a fragrance-free tattoo ointment or balm 3-4 times a day for the first 3-5 days. This will keep the area hydrated and promote healing. Look for products containing moisturizing ingredients like cocoa butter, shea butter, jojoba oil or vitamin E. After the initial few days, you can switch to an unscented moisturizer.

Bandage as directed

Keep your new ink covered for the first few hours with the bandage provided by your tattoo artist. Remove bandages carefully and continue gently washing the area. Bandaging for too long can lead to irritation. Only re-bandage if instructed by your artist or if the tattoo is on an area that will have contact with clothes.

Limit sun exposure

Avoid sun exposure as much as possible, especially for the first few weeks. Too much sun can fade your new tattoo and prolong the healing period. When outside, keep the area covered and use a broad-spectrum sunscreen with SPF 30 or higher.

Avoid submerging in water

Do not soak the tattoo in water for long periods such as in a bath, pool or hot tub for 2-3 weeks. Showers are fine if you gently wash the tattoo, pat dry and properly care for it afterwards. Prolonged exposure to water can damage the new tattoo and increase the risk of infection.

See your artist for touch-ups

Once healed, you may need a touch up to fix any uneven lines or patching. Most artists offer free or discounted touch ups within a certain time frame after the initial tattoo. Be sure to schedule a follow up appointment with your tattoo artist to keep your new ink looking fresh.

Following these aftercare guidelines will set your new tattoo up for success. Take good care of your neck art and it will stay vibrant and bold for years to come. Let the healing and showing off begin!

60+ Bold Gangsta Neck Tattoo Ideas for Men

When it comes to bold neck tattoos, gangster and hood designs are popular choices for guys. There are many badass options to consider that showcase your edgy style.

Cross Tattoos

The cross is a classic gangster neck tattoo. From small and simple to large and intricate, crosses make a statement. A Gothic cross, Iron cross or cross made of barbed wire are all striking choices.


Five-pointed stars, especially nautical stars, are popular neck tattoos. They often represent freedom and guidance. Get a single large star, or a cluster of smaller stars for a bolder look.


A crown neck tattoo signifies power and royalty. An ornate crown with jewels or a simpler crown of thorns are equally bold and meaningful.

Spider Webs

Spider web tattoos are a popular gangster design that represents time served in prison. Place a realistic web on one side of the neck or wrap it around for maximum effect.


While roses are often seen as a feminine design, a realistic rose neck tattoo on a guy makes a dramatic statement. A single rose bud, fully bloomed rose or rose wreath that wraps around the neck are all striking options.


Skull neck tattoos come in many styles from realistic to stylized. They represent death and mortality. A flaming skull, skull and crossbones or skull with a crown are all badass designs.


Clock neck tattoos represent the passage of time and living life to the fullest. Get an antique pocket watch, a simple clock face or a clock with Roman numerals for a classic gangster look.

Neck tattoos are a bold choice, so do your research to find an experienced artist. With so many cool gangster designs to choose from, you’ll have a neck tattoo you can rock with style and confidence.


So there you have it, over 60 incredible gangster side hood gangsta neck tattoo designs that show you mean business. Whether you want to represent a lifestyle, make a bold statement about your beliefs or values, or just look totally badass, these designs have you covered. With so many amazing options to choose from, picking just one may be the hardest part! But once you find a neck tattoo that speaks to you, go for it – you only live once, after all. And if you do decide to get inked, be sure to send us a photo so we can see how it turned out. We wish you the best in your search for the perfect side hood gangsta neck tattoo designs tat. Now get out there and make it happen!

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