Emily Frlekin J.D. Pardo & Emily Frlekin’s Love Story


Introduction Of Emily Frlekin

You may know J.D. Pardo as an actor, but did you know he’s also a family man? That’s right—he’s married to Emily Frlekin, and the two make one adorable couple.


But don’t take our word for it! Scroll down to read all about their love story, straight from the horse’s mouth. Emily opens up about how they met, their wedding day, and what it’s like being married to the star of “The Messengers” and “Revolution.”

Meet J.D. Pardo’s Wife, Emily Frlekin

J.D. Pardo’s wife, Emily Frlekin, is an American NGO worker. Born and raised in San Diego, California, Emily is of Jewish descent. She met her husband, J.D., while they were both attending college in Los Angeles. The two began dating in 2002 and were married in 2010 after eight years of being together.


Since marrying J.D., Emily has left her job as an NGO worker to focus on raising their two children: daughter born in 2012 and son born in 2015. Emily and J.D. currently reside in the Los Angeles area with their children.

A Look at Their Love Story

Although the couple has never revealed any details about their marriage or love story, we can only imagine that it’s a beautiful one. They have been married for more than a decade and are clearly head-over-heels in love with each other.


Emily is an American NGO worker and JD is a Hollywood actor, so they lead very different lives. But that doesn’t seem to bother them at all. In fact, they often take advantage of their different lifestyles to travel the world and explore new cultures.


We can only imagine that their love story is one for the ages. They make an absolutely beautiful couple and we wish them all the best in the future!

Pardo & Frlekin’s Impressive Partnership

You should be impressed with J.D. Pardo and Emily Frlekin’s story.


This American couple has one of the most inspiring love stories Hollywood has to offer. J.D. Pardo is a Hollywood star and Emily Frlekin is an American NGO worker. They first met in 2006 while working on a project in the Philippines together. At the time, Emily was working as a program officer for an NGO called Newborns in Need and J.D. was an actor who had recently relocated to Los Angeles from his home state of Texas.


Emily was instantly drawn to J.D.’s charisma and passion, and J.D. was struck by her beauty and intelligence. They started dating shortly after they met, and they were married on July 5, 2008 in an intimate ceremony at Hummingbird Nest Ranch in Santa Susana, California.

Emily’s Passion for the Environment

You might also be wondering what Emily, J.D Pardo’s wife, is all about. Well, apart from being an animal lover and a fitness enthusiast, she’s an American NGO worker who is passionate about doing her part for the environment.


Her core areas of focus include education, environment and global development. Her experience with the Global Campaign for Education has placed her on the front lines for advocating for the basic right of schooling for every child around the world. Emily is also a campaigner for poverty relief and healthcare initiatives. She works to bring awareness to global poverty and encourages people to donate money or resources to charities that are working directly with those in need.


Furthermore, she has used her platform to raise awareness about climate change and the importance of conserving the environment by reducing pollution and waste. It’s her drive and dedication to these causes that have made Emily such a beloved figure in their community, despite not being a celebrity herself like her husband.

What They’ve Accomplished Together

You might be wondering what this beautiful couple has accomplished over the past decade. Well, in addition to starting a family together with two children, J.D and Emily have also become pillars of their community and have been active in various charitable initiatives.


Since getting married, they have created a scholarship fund that helps low-income students pursue higher education. J.D and Emily both believe in giving back to those who are less fortunate, and they put their money where their mouth is.


They also volunteer at local animal shelters and work with organizations like Meals on Wheels to provide hot meals to the elderly and homebound individuals in need. Their generous spirit has made them beloved by many, and it’s clear that their love extends beyond each other.

Understanding the Strength of Their Relationship

J.D. Pardo and Emily Frlekin have been married for more than a decade, and it’s easy to see that this is one couple with a strong bond. They understand each other’s strengths, challenges, and battles—and have been by each other’s side through thick and thin.


The couple supports each other’s dreams wholeheartedly, from J.D.’s career in Hollywood to Emily’s dedication to working for the good of society. It’s clear that their love for one another is the driving force in their lives—especially when you watch J.D.’s emotional speech about his wife at the 2017 SAG Awards.


They found love in an unexpected way and kept it as strong as ever since then—a testament to how special their relationship is.


So there you have it—a quick look into the love story of J.D. Pardo and Emily Frlekin. We hope you enjoyed it!

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