Maria Jose Valle – One of the Most Influential People in Mexico

maria jose valle

Maria Jose Valle is one of the most influential people in Mexico. With her status as a wife, mother and entrepreneur, she has carved a niche for herself in the world. This is a testament to her dedication to her profession and the impact she’s had on her community. The fact that she’s able to achieve this while living in a country with a poor economy and few opportunities for women is inspiring.


The career of Maria Jose Valle Prieto is a success story. She has achieved what most people dream of, a well paid and well rounded career. Her achievements have been celebrated by a plethora of awards and accolades and she has been inducted into a number of prestigious organizations. One such organisation is Acclaim Energy Mexico. This is a major player in the renewable energy business and has been named a leader in its field.

Maria Jose is a member of the Mexican Chamber of Construction and has a keen interest in sustainability. In addition to being a member of the aforementioned organization, she is also a part of the BBVA Advisory Council for the State of Nuevo Leon, where she has been dubbed the state’s “energy queen”. In a recent survey, Maria was ranked as the highest ranked executive in the organization. As a result of her efforts, the company is moving forward with its plans to implement a sustainable energy procurement plan.

Personal life

One of the most successful personalities in Mexican entertainment is Maria Jose del Valle Prieto. She is a married Mexican artist and architect who has a successful professional career. Despite her success in the media, she maintains a modest lifestyle, keeping her private life to herself. Fortunately, she has one daughter with her husband, Mauricio Ochmann.

Maria Jose del Valle Prieto married her husband, Mexican singer Mauricio Ochmann in 2003. They have a daughter named Lorenza, born in 2004. The couple lives in Mexico. Despite their rocky beginnings, they are still together. Mauricio is a successful singer and a well-known figure in his native country.

After divorce, Maria Jose del Valle Prieto continued to build her professional career. She branched out into the entertainment industry by producing two discs in 2001. She has also lent her music to the Brazilian version of Sesame Street, Vila Sesamo.

Besides producing music, Marcos Valle is also known for composing music for telenovelas. He explored a variety of styles including funk, boogie and contemporary electronic influences. Those styles were evident in his debut, Garra (1971), which was a landmark album in his career.


Maria Jose Valle’s daughter, Lorenza Ochmann, is a Mexican singer. She was born in 2004. Her father is Mauricio Ochmann, a famous Mexican artist.

Although Maria Jose has never lied about her mother’s identity, she has not disclosed the names of her parents. There is no information available about her life before she was married. Aside from this, she has not shared any other information. It is unlikely that she was raised by a famous family.

According to her character in Rebelde, a Netflix series, she has been attending all-girl schools before she was sent to EWS. In addition, she has never studied with boys before. After she was sent to EWS, she finally sees freedom.

The main protagonist of Rebelde, Maria Jose “M.J.” Sevilla, is a teen living in California. She auditioned for the MEP program. When she was chosen, she immediately fell in love with the boy. However, she feels that she has more love for Roberta than for Mia Colucci.

Net worth

Architect and businesswoman, Maria Jose Valle Prieto has built a successful career, but she doesn’t reveal much about her personal life. She has one daughter with Mauricio Ochmann. Nevertheless, she has become a media star after a divorce. The Spanish-born model is considered a member of the elite group of top-ranking personalities.

Maria Jose Valle Prieto has been married to Mauricio Ochmann since 2003. They have one daughter, Lorenza Ochmann, who was born in 2004. Their net worth is estimated to be over $10 million. But the couple have yet to publicly disclose their income.

Another Mexican entertainer, Mauricio Ochmann, has a net worth of about $5.6 billion. His fortune is largely tied to Grupo Modelo, which he acquired from his father. He is also a shareholder in Mexichem, a chemical company. In addition, his firm has stakes in Becle, a tequila maker owned by the Jose Cuervo family.

In the 1960s, Felipe Valls arrived in Miami, Florida. He began his professional career as a coffee stand owner, called Ventanita. His first five restaurants grossed $6 million in 1981.

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