Top 10 Rare Canadian Coins Old & Rare Canadian Coins Worth (a Lot) of Money

top 10 rare canadian coins


Top 10 Rare Canadian Coins Old & Rare Canadian Coins Worth (a Lot) of Money Canadian coins are a great investment, but you have to know which ones to look for. Here are some old and rare Canadian coins that could be worth a lot of money!

value of a 1916 cent

A 1916 cent would be worth more than $10,000.

To identify a 1916, look for an obverse with a maple leaf on it. The coin’s reverse shows the word CANADA and has a small beard on top of its head—a symbol of masculinity at the time. You can also check to see if there are any other features specific to your coin: If you see two wavy lines near where they meet at either end of the “C,” this indicates that it was minted during what is known as “The Sickle Period.” These coins were made during World War I but only lasted about three years before being replaced by newer ones in 1921 (when we got ours).

1937 Cent is worth more than a dollar

If you have a 1937 Canadian penny, you should be very happy. It’s worth more than a penny and the face value of your penny. And it’s worth more than two quarters combined!

If you want to know how much these coins are worth, just look at their prices on eBay or other online sites where they can be sold:

  • A 1939 penny sells for $50-$100 depending on condition
  • A 1945 cent sells for $5-$25 depending on condition (the high estimate is $20)

1923 & 1949 50-Cent Coins

In 1923, Canada issued a new coin that would become known as the “Queen’s Beast.” This coin was designed by engraver Percy Metcalfe and featured the head of an elk (or moose) on one side and the Canadian coat of arms on its other side. The reverse side shows a wheat stalk with two sheaves above it with “CANADA” written across them in block letters. The obverse depicts Queen Elizabeth II wearing her coronation robes holding a scepter and orb surrounded by maple leaves.

The next year saw another design change when they decided to make some changes to their fifty cent piece: they removed that pesky maple leaf from their design! They also switched out their wheat stalk for an oak branch while keeping all other details unchanged except for some minor tweaks here and there like changing up where certain words appear within text legends etc.. Oh yeah, did I mention they changed color too?

1954 & 1958 Dime/Quarter

The 1954 Dime is worth $15,000 and the 1958 Quarter is worth $30,000. Both coins were minted in Ottawa, Ontario and were 90% silver. These coins have been around for quite some time now but they remain extremely rare; it’s hard to find one that isn’t damaged or worn down by years of handling at a coin show or garage sale.

What makes these coins so valuable? Well first off they were only made for one year which means only 100 million quarters were produced while only 15 million dimes went into circulation during this same period (1953-54). Secondly there was no production run on either coin which means no more will ever be minted after those initial mintage figures are exhausted!

25-cent coin was minted between 1914 and 1917

The 25-cent coin is a rare Canadian coin because it was minted in large quantities. It is also worth $100 to $200, depending on its condition, which means you can sell or trade it for that much money!

condition of 1954 Dime/Quarter

If you’re looking for a rare Canadian coin that has been around for decades, look no further than the 1954 and 1968 dime/quarter. These coins are both very valuable in their own right, but they also share a common trait: they were released at different times in history.

The 1954 Dime/Quarter is only worth about $10 today, while the 1968 version can fetch up to $100! That’s quite an increase in value over time (and also explains why so many people have tried selling theirs off).

Top 10 Rare Canadian Coins Both coins are considered “uncirculated”—meaning that they haven’t been used or traded among collectors yet—but there’s still some minor wear on them from circulation use on both sides of each coin: The 1954 has some scratches around its border area while the other side shows some light marks from rubbing against another object during transport from minting facility to bank vault (or wherever else someone might want to keep their money safe).

The 1917 to 1936 cent is worth $2,000

The 1917 to 1936 cent is one of the rarest Canadian coins, and it’s also one of the most valuable. It was minted from 1917 through 1936 and worth $2,000 if in good condition and circulated. If you have one in your collection that’s been sitting in an envelope for years, you may want to consider selling it on eBay or at a coin show.

There were only 3,000 made.

The 1935 Penny is a rare Canadian coin. It was minted in 1935, but not released until 1936. There were only 3,000 made and they were minted in Winnipeg, Manitoba.

Top 10 Rare Canadian Coins This coin was originally intended to be a replacement for the 1914-D penny which had been changed to aluminum due to metal shortages during World War I (WWI). However it took much longer than expected for them to get their hands on enough aluminum so they decided instead on making another version with copper-nickel alloy instead — which meant that this new design would have higher value than its predecessor due to its higher content of copper rather than just being cheaper overall because there wasn’t enough space left over after filling up every nook & cranny within both sides of each coin face!

These coins have high value.

The value of a coin is determined by its rarity, condition and date. Most coins are not worth much because they’re common and old. However, there are some rare coins out there that have the potential to be worth thousands of dollars each!

If you’ve got some cash lying around after your family trip to Niagara Falls or another Canadian vacation spot (I know I do), then this list should give you an idea of what to look for in order to find some hidden treasure.


Top 10 Rare Canadian Coins You might be surprised by the value of these. If you have one or more in your collection, consider adding them to your set.

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