Types of Precast Concrete Lifting Pins

Types of Precast Concrete Lifting Pins

Types of Precast Concrete Lifting Pins

Precast concrete lifting pins are a crucial part of any successful concrete construction project. They ensure that the concrete is lifted into place properly and safely, and this means that the finished project will be free from any damage. There are different types of lifting pins to choose from, so finding the right one for your job is important. Fortunately, there are some great options to choose from. These include the P86 Star inserts, the KKL and KKD lifts, and the P92FEWDP.

KK Lifting System

The KK Lifting System is an anchoring system for precast concrete elements. It offers safe and reliable solutions for all construction tasks. There are several variants available. They are suited for lifting beams, columns, tubes, thick slabs, and diagonal loads.

There are different types of anchors in the KK Lifting System. These include Safety Pins, KK Short Inserts, and KK Long Inserts. In addition to these products, there is a range of accessories. This includes patented stainless plugs, tailored solutions, and non-standard applications.

KK Short Inserts are used in precast concrete elements where anchoring depth is limited. They have an insertion opening and can be used to lift axial and diagonal loads.


For safe and easy lifting of precast concrete products, the KKL precast concrete lifting pins have been designed with the user in mind. These precast concrete lift pins are the most cost-effective and reliable way to carry out all your lifting operations. In addition, they are a breeze to install. Unlike the usual metal plates and screws, these products require no drilling. They are also suitable for small sized concrete slabs and retaining wall blocks. The KKL is available in three main sizes – 1.0″, 1.2″, and 1.3″. It is made of forged steel and is a high performance product.


If you’re looking for the best way to lift precast concrete, look no further than the KKD by Dayton Superior. The KKD is the double head version of the KK, and it’s got a couple advantages over the king of the hill. These include superior shear capability and greater lifting capacities for edge lifts from horizontal to vertical.

Obviously, the KKD by Dayton Superior is not the only choice when it comes to concrete pillars and posts. For instance, there are several styles of braces to choose from. And don’t forget about the bar supports and rustication strips.


A-LOK Products, Inc. provides an economical and durable handling system for precast concrete structures. These lifting devices are designed to meet OSHA requirements for lifting devices and provide safe and reliable handling of precast concrete structures. The KK Lifting System can handle axial and diagonal loads. It features Safety Pin and Rubber Mounting Aids.

The KK Lifting Insert is installed recessed into the precast concrete element. It can bear loads of up to 320 kN. These lifting pins are available in galvanized steel, black steel and stainless steel. They are designed to accommodate axial and diagonal load transfers, as well as heavy vertical and lateral loads.


There is an array of precast concrete lifting pins on the market. These can be used in a variety of applications and are designed to provide safe and reliable solutions. Each has a unique shape and capacity, making them suitable for different construction projects. They are available in a wide range of sizes and designs, and can be recessed into the precast concrete element for optimal anchoring. Depending on the application, they can handle loads of up to 320 kN.

The P92FEWDP series of precast concrete lifting pins are made from black steel or stainless steel. They are suitable for a wide variety of applications and can carry axial and diagonal load capacities. Some of these anchors have remote control options to reduce the need for a spotter.

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