Vietnamese Food – Five Essential Tastes and Five Distinctive Elements

Vietnamese Food

Vietnamese Food – Five Essential Tastes and Five Distinctive Elements

Vietnamese food is the variety of food served in Vietnam, which includes a variety of dishes and beverages. It features five fundamental tastes and distinct elements. These five components are based on a five-pronged philosophy. The first is the freshness of the food. The second is the balance of spices.

Com tam
Com tam is a type of broken rice with a very tender texture that absorbs flavors well. It also cooks more quickly than unbroken rice. This type of rice is very popular in Vietnamese cuisine. It is served with meat, usually shredded pork loaf. In addition to meat, com tam is often served with fish sauce, called nuoc cham.

A small restaurant in Saigon, called Ba Ghien, specializes in com tam. The exterior walls of this restaurant are stained by a decade’s worth of pork smoke, while the paving stones are oily and slick. The interior of the small restaurant is unassuming, with no modern-day decor. However, it serves its greasy yet delicious com tam.

Goi cuon
Gi cun (pronounced ‘gi’) is a traditional Vietnamese salad and spring roll, and is known by many other names as the summer roll or summer salad roll. It traditionally consists of a roll made from pork, vegetables, and prawns. This delicious Vietnamese food is very popular in Vietnam and other Southeast Asian countries. Read on to discover some of the different ways to enjoy this popular dish!

Goi cuon is a favorite snack food in Vietnam, and is usually ordered as an appetizer at Vietnamese restaurants in the U.S. These tasty, tightly-wrapped rice paper rolls are filled with shrimp, pork, and vermicelli noodles. Most restaurants serve them with a Hoisin-based sauce, and a sprinkle of crushed peanuts. The goi cuon is a traditional Vietnamese food that is both refreshing and filling!

Banh xeo
Bánh xeo is a crispy stuffed rice pancake that is a popular snack in Vietnam. Its name is derived from the sound the batter makes when it is poured into a hot skillet. This fried snack is typically made of rice flour, water, and turmeric powder. It is also known as a Vietnamese crêpe.

Banh xeo is a dish that originated in central Vietnam during the Tay Son era. During this time, locals would switch their rice diet with banh xeo on lunar days.

Vietnamese Food – Five Essential Tastes and Five Distinctive Elements Pho is a traditional Vietnamese food made from a broth, rice noodles, herbs, and meat. It is widely served in Vietnamese households, street stalls, and restaurants across the country. Vietnamese traditional pho is considered a national dish. Although there are many variations of pho, its basic elements are the same.

Before the French occupation, Vietnamese people ate very little beef. Cows were mostly used as labor animals. However, beef consumption increased during the long French occupation. As a result, more cows were slaughtered, and the bones and beef parts were often used in the soups.

Com ga
If you’re looking for some authentic Vietnamese food, try Com ga. It’s a steamed chicken dish with vegetables, rice, and herbs. It may sound bland, but it’s actually quite delicious. This dish is a favorite among Vietnamese people. It is often accompanied by fresh herbs.

Com ga is served with a spicy dipping sauce called nuoc cham. This dish is a staple in southern Vietnam. A variety of meats are included in this dish, and it is often eaten with chicken or beef. You can even find grilled prawns or barbecued beef on the menu.

Nuoc mam (fish sauce)
In Vietnamese food, nuoc mam is an essential ingredient. While it is often made from salt, water and anchovies, you can vary the amount and flavor according to your preferences. The fish sauce itself is a fermented mixture made from anchovies and salt, aged for six to twelve months in barrels.

You can use it as a marinade for meat, as a dipping sauce, or even drizzle it over vegetables. If you prefer a little heat, you can add a bird’s eye chili to the mixture. Then, taste it and adjust the amount according to your taste.

Com Rang (fried rice)
Com Rang (fried rice) is an important part of Vietnamese cuisine. Vietnamese fried rice is known for its crunchy texture. It is traditionally cooked in a big pan rather than a rice cooker or a steamer. It is cooked slowly and browned on the bottom. This gives it a distinctly smoky taste.

Com Rang is often served with pickled mustard greens. You can buy these pickled mustard greens in Asian grocery stores. You will need to wash and chop the leaves into small pieces. Once you’ve prepared the pickled mustard greens, you can serve them with the fried rice.

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