The Top 7 Greatest GL Anime Movies

Introduction of GL Anime It’s been another great year for Yuri anime! Here are seven of the best movies released in 2017. What Is Yuri Anime? So, what is Yuri anime? In the simplest terms, Yuri anime is anime that focuses on lesbian relationships and romance. But it’s so much more than that. Yuri anime…

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Why Käntäjää Is the Soul of Finland

Have you heard of käntäjää? No, it’s not another trendy Scandinavian lifestyle fad. Käntäjää is a traditional Finnish folk dance, and it’s the essence of Finnish culture. When you experience käntäjää, you’re experiencing the soul of Finland. The quick yet graceful movements, the passion and joy of the dancers, the lively folk music – käntäjää…

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