14tv: Your Guide to the Latest Streaming Service


So you’ve heard about the new streaming service 14tv and want to know if it’s worth your time and money. As the latest player in the increasingly crowded streaming wars, 14tv is hoping to win you over with an arsenal of exclusive shows and movies, as well as a treasure trove of classic fan favorites. Before you dive in and commit to yet another monthly subscription, here’s what you need to know about 14tv to decide if it should earn a spot in your streaming rotation. We’ll give you the scoop on their standout original content, a curated library of licensed shows and films, platform features, and pricing so you can determine if 14tv will be your next streaming obsession or a flash in the pan. The streaming landscape is vast, but consider this your guide to navigating 14tv and finding the gems that make this new service shine. So grab your remote and the snack of your choice—it’s time to channel surf over to 14tv.

What Is 14tv? An Overview of the New Streaming Service

What Is 14tv? An Overview of the New Streaming Service

14tv is the latest streaming service to hit the market. For a monthly subscription fee of $8.99, 14tv gives you access to a wide selection of TV shows and movies to stream on your smart TV, laptop, tablet or phone.

At launch, 14tv will have over 10,000 hours of content from major studios and production companies. You’ll find everything from classic sitcoms and dramas to the latest blockbuster movies and binge-worthy original series. 14tv has deals in place with most major studios so you can expect a lot of familiar and popular content along with original 14tv productions.

The 14tv app is available on all major streaming devices like Roku, Fire TV, Apple TV and Chromecast so you can start watching on your TV right away. You can also download the 14tv app on your iOS and Android mobile devices and tablets or stream from their website on your laptop or PC.

A 14tv subscription allows you to stream on up to 4 devices at once so everyone in your household can watch what they want, when they want. 14tv also lets you create up to 6 separate profiles for each account so you can all have your own personalized watchlists, ratings and recommendations.

If you’re someone who enjoys a lot of variety in your streaming options, the huge content library and low monthly cost of 14tv may appeal to you. And with major studio deals in place, you’ll always have access to the latest and greatest TV shows, movies, documentaries and more to enjoy. Why not give the free 7-day trial a go and see what you think? You just might discover your new favorite streaming addiction.

14tv’s Library of Movies, TV Shows, and Original Content

14tv launched just last year but its library is already packed with crowd-pleasers. ###

You’ll find a huge selection of popular movies from the last few decades. We’re talking blockbusters, cult classics, rom-coms, thrillers – you name it. If there’s a must-see flick from the 80s, 90s or 2000s you’ve been dying to stream, chances are 14tv has it.

The TV show options are just as binge-worthy. 14tv has deals with most major studios so you can find everything from iconic sitcoms and medical dramas to mystery-filled sci-fi and fantasy epics. Looking for a nostalgic trip down memory lane? Check out their ‘classics’ section.

But 14tv isn’t just re-runs and reruns. They’re investing heavily in high-quality original content you can’t find anywhere else. Several of their original series have already become massive hits and fan favorites.

  • The Long Journey is an historical drama about settlers in the American West. Gorgeous cinematography and addictive storytelling.
  • Cyber Chase is an action-packed sci-fi thriller about hackers trying to take down a mysterious tech conglomerate. If you like fast-paced mysteries and conspiracies, you’ll love this.
  • For comedy, The Office 2.0 is a mockumentary-style show set in a quirky tech startup. It has the same awkward humor and cringe-worthy laughs as the original.

With new shows and movies added weekly, 14tv is fast becoming the streaming service for everyone in the family. The huge library of content from yesteryear combined with innovative original programming means there’s something for all tastes and ages. Why not give the free trial a go? You might just find your new favorite streaming addiction.

How to Sign Up for 14tv and Supported Devices

To start watching 14tv, you’ll first need to sign up for an account. The good news is, 14tv offers a free 14-day trial so you can test it out risk-free.

Create an Account

  1. Go to 14tv.com and click “Start Your Free Trial.”
  2. Enter your email address and create a password. 14tv requires a minimum of 8 characters, including 1 uppercase letter and 1 number.
  3. Provide your personal information like name, address, and payment details. Your card won’t be charged until the 14-day trial ends.
  4. Select a plan. 14tv has two options: Basic ($9.99/month) or Premium ($19.99/month) with more channels and streaming options in up to 4K. Either plan can be canceled anytime.

Supported Devices

Once signed up, you can stream 14tv on many popular devices:

  • Smart TVs like Samsung, LG, Vizio, and more. Just search for the 14tv app on your TV’s app store.
  • Streaming media players such as Roku, Fire TV, Apple TV, and Chromecast. 14tv has dedicated apps for each platform.
  • Gaming consoles like Xbox and PlayStation also have 14tv apps available for download.
  • Mobile devices including iPhone, iPad, and Android phones/tablets. Download the 14tv app to your device or stream in a web browser.
  • Laptops and PCs. You can visit 14tvs.com in Google Chrome, Safari, or Microsoft Edge and start streaming your favorite shows and movies.

14tv makes it simple to sign up for an account and offers many ways to start streaming your favorite entertainment. With the free trial, you have nothing to lose by giving 14tvs a shot. Once the trial ends, if you decide to continue with a paid subscription, you’ll have access to a huge library of content for a very affordable price. Happy streaming!

14tv Pricing and Subscription Options Explained

14tv offers a few subscription options to suit your needs and budget. Check out the details on each plan below to determine which is right for you.

The Basic Plan

For $9.99/month, the Basic plan gives you access to 14tv’s full content library on one screen at a time. This no-frills option is great if you’re on a budget or live alone. You can stream all of 14tv’s addictive dramas, hilarious comedies, fascinating documentaries and more for under $10/month.

The Standard Plan

The $13.99/month Standard plan allows you to stream on two screens simultaneously and also adds video quality up to 4K UHD on select titles, as well as 5.1 Dolby Digital surround sound. If you want an improved viewing experience and the ability to watch on your tablet in one room while someone else uses the living room TV, the Standard plan is your best choice.

The Premium Plan

For the ultimate streaming experience, upgrade to the $17.99/month Premium plan. You get access to 4K UHD video and Dolby Atmos audio on compatible titles, streaming on up to four screens at once, and the option to download select shows and movies to watch offline. The Premium plan also allows you to stream on mobile data and in HD on compatible devices. If you have a 4K TV and want the flexibility of more streams and offline viewing, the Premium subscription is worth the extra money each month.

No matter which plan you choose, 14tv offers a free 30-day trial to test the service. You can cancel at any time. For students, 14tv also offers a discounted Student Plan for $8.99/month with verification of enrollment. Check all the details on 14tv’s website to determine the streaming solution that suits you best. Happy viewing!

Is 14tv Worth It? Pros and Cons of the Streaming Platform

Is 14tv Worth It? Pros and Cons of the Streaming Platform

With so many streaming services out there, is 14tv worth adding to your monthly bill? As with any platform, 14tv has its benefits and drawbacks. Let’s break down the pros and cons so you can decide if it’s right for you.


  • Huge on-demand library. 14tvs offers thousands of TV shows and movies to choose from, so there’s no shortage of content. Whether you’re in the mood for a classic film, binge-worthy series, or the latest blockbuster, 14tvs likely has you covered.
  • Ad-free experience. Unlike some free streaming platforms, 14tv does not interrupt your viewing with commercials. Once you start watching, you can enjoy your content uninterrupted.
  • Downloadable content. If you have limited or no internet access, you can download certain shows and movies to watch offline on your devices. This feature makes 14tv ideal for streaming on the go.
  • Original programming. 14tv produces high-quality original TV shows, films, documentaries and more. Some of their most popular originals have become huge cultural hits. By subscribing, you get access to all of 14tv’s exclusive content.


  • Monthly fee. 14tv charges a monthly subscription fee, currently starting at $8.99. The price can add up over time and may be too expensive for some budgets.
  • Content libraries vary by region. The availability of shows and movies can differ based on your location due to licensing agreements. Some content may be available in certain countries but not others.
  • Library changes monthly. Shows and movies are frequently added and removed from 14tv based on licensing contracts and availability. A movie you had on your watchlist one month may disappear the next.
  • Limited simultaneous streams. 14tv’s basic plan only allows for 2 simultaneous streams. If you have a larger household, you may need to pay more for additional streams.

Overall, whether or not 14tv is worth the money comes down to your own streaming needs and priorities. If you’re looking for a large, ad-free library of original content and don’t mind the monthly fee, 14tv could be a great option. But if cost is a concern or you prefer more stable content offerings, you may want to consider other alternatives.


Well there you have it, a glimpse into the world of 14tv and what this brand-new streaming service has to offer. With a huge catalog of movies and shows spanning every genre, there really is something for everyone. The personalized recommendations and curated content will help you easily find new favorites, not to mention the option to download content to watch offline. At only $9.99 a month, 14tv provides an incredible value with a ton of entertainment. What are you waiting for? Sign up for your free trial today and start streaming—your binge-watching adventures await!

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