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You’re bored, you’ve got your phone in your hand, and you’re looking for something to read. Manga is always a great option to escape into another world, but finding something new to dive into can be a challenge with so many options out there. Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. Myreadingmanga is your one-stop shop for discovering your next manga obsession.

With a huge library of titles spanning every genre from shounen action to slice-of-life comedy and horror, Myreadingmanga makes it easy to find a series that will suck you in and keep you up way too late at night scrolling to the next chapter. Best of all, their selection includes loads of hidden gems and underrated series you might never stumble upon otherwise.

Whether you’re in the mood for epic fantasy, post-apocalyptic sci-fi, or just some good old-fashioned romance, Myreadingmanga has you covered. Take a browse and get ready to meet your newest manga best friend. You’ll be hooked before you know it.

An Introduction to Myreadingmanga

If you can’t get enough BL, yaoi or bara manga, MyReadingManga should be your new obsession. This website offers free reading of thousands of titles in the genre, from short stories to full series.

MyReadingManga features content for readers of all ages, so you’re sure to find something that sparks your interest. Some of the most popular manga on the site include:

  • Junjou Romantica – Follows the romantic relationships of three couples who are connected through their friendship. Full of humor and drama.
  • Finder Series – Action-packed crime drama revolving around a photographer who gets caught up in the underground world of the yakuza. Gripping and fast-paced.
  • Okane ga Nai – Heartwarming love story between a young university student who is sold as collateral to a yakuza boss. Poignant and moving.

In addition to manga, MyReadingManga offers extras like BL anime, gay films, art, stories, and games. You can even connect with other fans in the lively forum discussions.

While the content on MyReadingManga does contain mature themes, the site aims to be inclusive for people of all backgrounds. Registration is free and only required to comment, upload or bookmark content. If you’re looking for a supportive community to share your passion for BL, MyReadingManga is the place to be. Dive in and happy reading!

Browse Popular Manga Genres on Myreadingmanga

MyReadingManga is a treasure trove of manga for any fan. With over 48,000 titles spanning genres from Yaoi to Bara to Romance and Comedy, you’re sure to find your next obsession.

Yaoi Heaven

If you love boy’s love, the Yaoi genre reigns supreme here with nearly 48,000 titles. You’ll discover new and classic manga featuring beautiful artwork and stories of blossoming romance between two men. Yaoi manga on the site range from fluffy romances to more explicit tales, so there’s something for every reader.

Beefy Bara Manga

The Bara/Muscle genre is also popular on MyReadingManga, with over 180 titles focused on masculine men. Bara manga typically features buff, hairy guys and stories centered around homoerotic relationships and physical intimacy between two beefy men. If you like your manga men big and burly, Bara is the genre for you.

Discover More

In the mood for something different? Explore MyReadingManga’s many other genres like Comedy, Romance, School Life, and Slice of Life. You’re sure to find a new favorite manga among the site’s massive catalog.

MyReadingManga makes it easy to filter by genre, category, and content rating so you can browse manga tailored to your tastes. Once you start reading, you’ll see why this website has become a hub for BL manga fans around the world. Dive in and get ready to meet your next manga obsession!

Discover New and Trending Manga Series

With so many new manga series releasing, it can be hard to keep up with what’s trending and worth reading. Here are a few of the hottest new manga you should check out on MyReadingManga.

Goodbye, Eri

This shojo manga follows a high school girl named Eri who suddenly disappears. Her friend Yuma is left behind to piece together the mystery of why she vanished. This emotional series has become a fan favorite, with readers praising its moving story and relatable characters.

The Summer Hikaru Died

Set in 1990s Japan, this seinen manga follows a group of teenagers spending their summer break at a beach house. Told through flashbacks, the story explores the mysterious death of a boy named Hikaru and how it impacts his friends years later. With dark, moody artwork and a poignant story, The Summer Hikaru Died is shaping up to be one of the best manga of 2023.

Tropical Beach Year

For a more lighthearted read, check out this shonen manga about a group of friends enjoying their summer vacation in Okinawa. Full of comedy, romance, and slice-of-life moments at the beach, Tropical Beach Year is a fun escapist series that will transport you to the sunny shores of Japan.

Other trending series:

  • Goodbye Sengen, a fantasy manga about a magical alternate world
  • The Vampire Dies in No Time, a comedy manga parodying vampire tropes
  • Run Away With Me, Girl, a romantic school life manga

With so many promising new titles to enjoy, MyReadingManga has you covered. Dive into these trending manga and discover your next obsession. And with weekly chapter updates, you’ll always have an escape to the colorful worlds of Japanese comics. Happy reading!

Read Manga Online for Free at Myreadingmanga

MyReadingManga is a manga reader website where you can find and read tons of manga for free. No need to sign up or download anything, just start reading. The site is funded by ads, so you may see some while you explore the huge catalog of titles. But the manga itself is completely free to read.

A Wide Selection

MyReadingManga offers a variety of genres like action, adventure, comedy, fantasy, horror, romance, sci-fi, slice of life, sports, and more. They have a large collection of Yaoi (boy’s love), Bara (men’s love), and BL (boys’ love) manga. No matter what you’re in the mood to read, you’re sure to find something that piques your interest.

Easy to Navigate

The site is simple to use. You can browse by:

  • Genre
  • Latest updates
  • Popular manga
  • Alphabetical listings

Or use the search bar to look for a specific title or keyword. Manga summary and chapter lists make it easy to find where you left off or start a new series.

Read on Any Device

The MyReadingManga site works on mobile phones, tablets, laptops, and desktop computers so you can enjoy your favorite manga anywhere. Their simple, ad-free reader lets you read manga in full screen for an immersive experience. You can also download chapters to read offline at your leisure.

If you’re looking for a new manga obsession, MyReadingManga is a great place to start. With so many titles in a wide range of genres, you’re bound to discover an exciting new series to dive into. And since it’s all available for free in an easy to use, mobile-friendly site, you have nothing to lose by checking it out. Happy reading, manga fans!

Myreadingmanga FAQ – Your Questions Answered

So you’ve discovered the wonders of Myreadingmanga, but still have some questions about how it all works. No worries, we’ve got you covered. Here are the answers to some frequently asked questions about using the site.

How much does it cost to read manga on Myreadingmanga?

All the manga on Myreadingmanga is available to read for free. You can enjoy as much as you want without paying anything. Myreadingmanga is supported through ads, so you may see some advertising on the site.

Do I have to create an account to read manga?

Nope, you can read all the manga on Myreadingmanga without creating an account or signing up. However, creating a free account does provide some benefits. With an account you can save your reading progress, rate manga, comment and more. But using the site is absolutely optional.

Can I download the manga to read offline?

Unfortunately, Myreadingmanga does not allow downloading manga chapters for offline reading at this time. All manga must be read on the website. This policy may change in the future, but for now you need an internet connection to enjoy the manga.

What genres of manga does Myreadingmanga offer?

Myreadingmanga offers a wide selection of yaoi and BL manga, as well as bara, shota, furry and doujinshi. There are many genres to choose from like comedy, drama, school life, fantasy, sci-fi and more. Whatever you’re in the mood for, Myreadingmanga likely has something for you.

How often is new manga added?

Myreadingmanga adds multiple new chapters and series each and every day. The site is constantly being updated with the latest manga, so there’s always something new and exciting to read. Make sure to check back frequently for the newest additions to your favorite manga and to discover great new series.


So there you have it, a massive selection of BL manga ready for your reading pleasure. Myreadingmanga has you covered with all the genres and tropes you could want. Have a favorite artist or plot type? You’re bound to find something new to dive into. Whether you’re in the mood for an epic fantasy adventure or a sweet school romance, the choice is yours. Happy reading! With such an extensive catalog, your next obsession is just a click away. What are you waiting for? Go ahead and treat yourself to a new manga series. You deserve it!

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