The Story Behind Kristen Bell Tattoos Collection

kristen bell tattoos

Have you ever wondered about the meaning behind kristen bell tattoos eclectic collection of tattoos? As one of Hollywood’s most likable and relatable stars, Kristen Bell has never been one to take herself too seriously. Her fun and quirky personality shines through in the assortment of meaningful and whimsical tattoos inked on her body over the years. From the intricate elephant on her foot to the tiny sloth on her wrist, each tattoo has a story or memory behind it. Some represent her most cherished values or are tributes to loved ones, while others were spontaneous decisions made on a whim. Join me as we delve into the fascinating stories and symbolism behind 15 of Kristen Bell’s favorite tattoos. By the end, you’ll have gained new insight into what makes this charismatic actress tick.

Kristen Bell’s First Tattoo: A Libra Symbol

Kristen Bell’s first tattoo at age 24 was a small Libra zodiac sign on her lower back. As a Libra herself, she felt it represented her desire to find balance in her life during a chaotic time in her early acting career.

Finding meaning in her ink

Over the years, Kristen bell tattoos got additional tattoos, each with a special meaning. Her second was a Latin phrase “vincit qui se vincit” on her wrist, meaning “he conquers who conquers himself.” For Kristen, this serves as a personal reminder to overcome self-doubt and negative self-talk.

Her third tattoo on her ribcage says “I love you” in her children’s handwriting. As a mom, this permanent tribute to her daughters holds deep sentimental value.

Kristen’s tattoos are very personal to her, thoughtfully chosen to represent moments or qualities in her life that she wants to honor in a permanent way. While some celebrities get tattoos on a whim, Kristen sees them as an artistic expression of the things she holds most dear – her zodiac sign, her family, and her personal growth.

Through her tattoo collection, Kristen proves that body art can be a meaningful way to tell your story. Her ink is a physical embodiment of her values and a permanent record of cherished parts of her life’s journey so far. For kristen bell tattoos, her tattoos are clearly more than just superficial decoration. They represent a mindful, long-lasting tribute to the things that shape her character and make her who she is.

The Meaning Behind Her Sloth Tattoo

Kristen Bell has a few small tattoos, but her sloth tattoo is by far the most meaningful. kristen bell tattoos has openly professed her love for sloths, calling them her “spirit animal,” so it’s no surprise she chose to get inked with a sloth portrait.

The Story Behind the Tattoo

A few years ago, Bell’s husband Dax Shepard gifted her a sloth encounter for her birthday. Meeting the sloth face to face was a dream come true for kristen bell tattoos. She was so moved by the experience that she decided to get a tattoo to commemorate it. The tattoo is on her right rib cage and features a realistic portrait of a sloth clawing its way up her side.

Bell revealed the new ink on The Ellen DeGeneres Show, gushing about her special bond with sloths. “Sloths are my power animal. I really feel like I was a sloth in a past life,” she said. The sloth tattoo isn’t Bell’s only ode to her favorite animal. She and Shepard also named their second daughter Delta, which was the name of the sloth Bell met during her encounter.

What the Sloth Symbolizes for Bell

For Bell, the sloth tattoo symbolizes following your passions and embracing the things that bring you joy. Sloths are known for being extremely slow, chilled out animals that just go with the flow. Bell aspires to live life with the same easygoing attitude. The sloth is a reminder for her to stop rushing, slow down, and enjoy life’s simple pleasures. Her free spirit and quirky personality are two of the reasons why fans love her – and it’s clear her spirit animal is the perfect representation of that.

Kristen’s Matching Infinity Dot Tattoos With Dax Shepard

Kristen Bell is known for her meaningful and personal tattoo collection, often matching ones with her husband Dax Shepard. Two of their most symbolic matching tattoos are the infinity dot tattoos they got early in their relationship.

The Meaning Behind the Tattoos

The infinity symbol represents eternal love and never-ending time. By adding dots along the infinity loop, it signifies major moments or events in their relationship. Kristen has said “each dot represents a year we’ve been together.” They started with just one dot and have added more over time as their relationship has grown and strengthened.

These matching tattoos are a permanent reminder of their commitment to one another and the memories they’ve made so far. Kristen has said “the dots will continue until we run out of room!” It’s a creative way to honor their relationship and the ups and downs they’ve gone through to get where they are today.

The tattoos are small, simple and placed on their inner wrists, but they hold a wealth of meaning and sentimental value for the couple. They serve as an enduring symbol of their eternal devotion and the journey they are on together.

A Lasting Tribute

While tattoos are not for everyone, for Kristen and Dax they have become a meaningful way to pay tribute to what really matters to them—each other. Their infinity dot tattoos are a permanent reminder of the love and life they share.

Through all the ups and downs, their relationship stands the test of time. These tattoos signify that no matter what happens, their love for each other will last forever. For a celebrity couple living their lives largely in the public eye, having this private symbol of their enduring connection is something they will likely cherish for years to come.

The infinity dots may be small, but they speak volumes about their unending commitment to one another. That is the real story behind Kristen and Dax’s matching tattoos.

“No Apologies” in Arabic: Bell’s Most Controversial Ink

One of Kristen Bell’s most controversial tattoos is the Arabic phrase “No Apologies” on her wrist. Bell has said she chose to get this ink during a time when she was learning not to apologize for who she is.

“No Apologies” in Arabic

As an outspoken feminist and activist, Bell wanted a reminder to be unapologetic in standing up for her beliefs and values. The small wrist tattoo serves as that reminder, even if others don’t always agree or understand her perspective. While the concept behind the ink is admirable, the Arabic script itself was seen as appropriative by some critics. Bell acknowledged this criticism, saying she appreciates learning from her mistakes.

Rather than cover up or remove the tattoo, Bell chose to use it as an opportunity to start a thoughtful discussion about cultural appropriation and understanding. The experience has helped shape her views on using one’s platform to amplify marginalized voices, even if it means acknowledging one’s own faults and blind spots along the way.

Today, Bell’s tattoo collection includes over 20 meaningful pieces of ink, each with a story or lesson behind it. But “No Apologies” remains her most controversial, serving as a reminder of how even good intentions can be misguided, and how important it is to listen with an open mind and make amends when needed. For Bell, her tattoos map the winding path of her own growth and evolution. They represent the experiences that have shaped her perspective and allowed her to become, as she puts it, “a better human being.”

Though just a small wrist tattoo, “No Apologies” has come to symbolize an important milestone in Bell’s journey of lifelong learning and her commitment to positive change. The phrase reminds her to stand up for what she believes in, but to do so with empathy, humility and compassion.

Kristen Bell’s Latest Tattoo: An Intimate Message for Her Daughters

Kristen Bell recently added another tattoo to her collection, but this one was extra special. In early 2021, the actress revealed an intimate new tattoo dedicated to her daughters, Lincoln and Delta.

A Sweet Message of Love

The tattoo features a simple text design reading “I love you” inside an infinity symbol, located on Kristen’s ribcage. She shared a photo of the new ink on Instagram, writing: “New tattoo for my girls…infinity ‘I love you.’”

The placement and personal message reflect Kristen’s close bond with her daughters. The infinity symbol signifies eternal, never-ending love – perfectly capturing a mother’s love for her children. While Kristen has a few small tattoos, most are meaningful and family-focused, demonstrating what’s most important in her life.

Kristen and her husband Dax Shepard have always been very open about their devotion to their daughters. The couple frequently share heartwarming photos and stories about their family life on social media, all while maintaining their daughters’ privacy. The new ribcage tattoo is a poignant, permanent expression of Kristen’s infinite love and connection to her girls.

For Kristen’s fans and followers, the tattoo reveal provided a touching glimpse into her role as a mother and what she holds most dear. While tattoos are a popular form of self-expression for many, Kristen uses hers to honor her family and celebrate what really matters to her. Her latest addition is a reminder that at the end of the day, love – especially a mother’s love – is eternal.

Though small in size, Kristen’s intimate new tattoo speaks volumes about her heart and spirit as a loving mom. For her daughters, it will serve as a lifelong reminder of their mother’s boundless love and devotion.


So there you have it, the inside scoop on Kristen Bell’s unique tattoo collection and the personal stories behind each piece of ink. While tattoos are not for everyone, you have to admire someone who chooses to permanently etch meaningful reminders and symbols on their body. Kristen’s tattoos highlight what’s most important in her life: her loved ones, her values, and her personal journey. Her body art shows that tattoos can be tasteful and poignant, not just flashy or frivolous. kristen bell tattoos proves you don’t have to get a full sleeve or go overboard to make a statement. A few small, well-thought-out tattoos can speak volumes.

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