Elbit UK Deploys TORCH-X BMA System for NATO’s Coalition Warrior Interoperability Exercise

Elbit UK Deploys TORCH-X BMA System for NATO’s Coalition Warrior Interoperability Exercise

Since August 2020, Palestine Action has been conducting a sustained direct action campaign at the Elbit UK factory. Activists have protested and blockaded the factory, and have been arrested 36 times. Their demands for justice and accountability for Israeli human rights abuses have been met with a hostile response. While this sustained campaign has yet to achieve results, activists are confident that it will eventually do so.

Elbit Systems Ltd

Defense electronics manufacturer Elbit Systems Ltd. is based in Israel and is engaged in various programs across the globe. Its products are used in numerous military programs. These include missile defense, air defense, and other systems. Elbit is also engaged in various programs for Israel’s government. Its products are highly efficient and are widely deployed.

Elbit Systems Ltd. designs, develops, manufactures, and markets military electronic systems. Its products are used in military, civil, and commercial applications. The company has also developed and manufactured a variety of unmanned aerial vehicles and helmet mount systems. It also provides services to military and civilian customers to enhance their existing systems.

Elbit Systems Ltd. maintains six offices in the U.S., including in Texas, New Hampshire, Virginia, Florida, and Mississippi. Each location offers customers comprehensive technical support. Its website provides a comprehensive range of information about the company. You can access the full profile of Elbit Systems Ltd. by clicking on the link below. You’ll find helpful information about the company and its products. You’ll get a comprehensive view of Elbit Systems Ltd’s performance and growth.

Elbit UK Deploys TORCH-X BMA System for NATO’s Coalition Warrior Interoperability Exercise. The company is based in Israel and has over three decades of experience in defense, homeland security, and aerospace industries. The company is responsible for strategic and operational direction in a number of areas, including aerospace and homeland security. The company has a market cap of approximately $5 billion and a strong track record.


Elbit Systems UK has deployed its TORCH-X based Battle Management Application (BMA) system for NATO’s Coalition Warrior Interoperability Exercise 2021 (CWIX 2021). The BMA system is designed to support U.K. Higher Headquarters’ preparedness activities. The exercise was held at the Joint Force Training Centre in Bydgoszcz, Poland. Its aim was to evaluate the interoperability of deployed national and NATO systems.

Elbit Systems UK has successfully deployed a TORCH-X based BMA in CWIX 2021, where it was used by the 13 Signals Regiment and the Land Systems Reference Centre to perform interoperability assessments. The UK company was selected by the UK Ministry of Defense (MOD) for the Morpheus programme and is currently supplying the British Army with TORCH-X based BMA systems. The company also supports a number of military customers with this technology.

The TORCH-X system will also support the Canadian Department of National Defence’s Airspace Coordination Centre Modernization program. The ASCCM project seeks to develop a digital information-based system to enhance air situational awareness and improve airspace coordination. The application will allow air assets to work in concert in the complex battlespace.


The British Army is set to receive its first ICAVS(D) training system in November 2021, replacing the Unit-Based Virtual Trainer (UBVT). The new system will give soldiers immersive virtual training in the real world. It will provide training to soldiers at all levels, including infantry and reserve units.

The UK Army has selected Elbit Systems UK to provide the ICAVS(D) training platform. The new system will support the Army’s CTTP, which aims to improve collective readiness. It will provide soldiers with an immersive virtual training experience for a wide range of operational scenarios and provide the opportunity to experiment with different tactics and equipment.

In the UK, Elbit Systems UK has a variety of contracts with various armed forces, including the British Army and the Royal Navy. Its products and services span a variety of fields, including aerospace, naval, and land systems. It has been a trusted partner in several major defence projects, including the SAT (British Army) program.

Watchkeeper drone

The Elbit Watchkeeper drone is a redesigned version of the Elbit Hermes 450 UAV. Developed by a joint venture of Thales and Elbit Systems, it has the same range and payload capacity as its predecessor. It was originally planned to enter service in June 2010, but has faced a number of delays and issues, including hardware modifications and difficulties training pilots.

The Watchkeeper drone is a twin-sensor unmanned aerial vehicle that provides real-time aerial reconnaissance and situational awareness for ground forces. It was designed by Elbit Systems and Thales UK and was selected as the preferred bidder by the UK Ministry of Defence (MoD). The Watchkeeper is expected to begin operations in the summer of 2018.

The Watchkeeper UAV has completed thousands of hours of flight since its debut in April 2010. The UAV can carry up to 150kg of payload. It is equipped with a day/night sensor, a laser designator, and synthetic aperture radar. It can also carry a ground-moving target indicator. The UAV also features a CoMPASS sensor suite, including an eye-safe laser rangefinder, diode-pumped laser designator, laser target illuminator, and autotracker.

The Watchkeeper drone is an autonomous aircraft that is designed for all-weather operation. It is primarily designed for intelligence, surveillance, target acquisition, and reconnaissance. The Watchkeeper was developed by a joint venture of Elbit and Thales UK. Thales UK is a subsidiary of the French weaponry giant Thales. The company plans to build 100 Watchkeeper UAVs.

TORCH-X based Battle Management Application

Elbit Systems UK’s TORCH-X based Battle Management application was recently deployed during NATO Coalition Warrior Interoperability Exercise 2021 in Poland. The exercise was aimed at testing the interoperability of deployed NATO and national systems in multi-domain scenarios. The exercise involved 28 nations and involved 10,000 technical interoperability tests.

The TORCH-X based Battle Management application is an enhanced airspace management and coordination system that provides real-time information to aircrews and ground units. The solution has been designed for air missions, joint-task force operations, and airspace coordination.

Designed to improve situational awareness, the system allows commanders to integrate multiple sensors into one system. This allows for a unified situation picture that allows commanders to plan ahead and evaluate battle scenarios. The system also helps optimize resources and increase force agility. It also facilitates the coordinated operation of air assets, which in turn increases mission accomplishment.

XACT night vision goggles

Elbit Systems UK has won a contract to supply XACT Night Vision Goggles to the UK Armed Forces. The contract will last for 18 months, with the option to extend for up to five years. The goggles are lightweight micro binoculars mounted on helmets. They are designed to increase mission efficiency in the dark. They also make off-road vehicle driving safer without the need for headlights.

The XACT nv33 binocular image intensifiers are lightweight, compact, and can be mounted on a variety of helmets. They can also be used in hand-held mode. The XACT nv33 is especially notable for its ability to operate in near total darkness. The company was founded in Haifa, Israel, and currently operates in a number of different fields, including aerospace, land and naval systems, communications, and surveillance.

The Elbit UK XACT night vision goggle offers great value for money. It features an infrared illuminator and a 40-degree field of vision. It also uses two AAA batteries for power. The battery life is quite long, at 70 hours of continuous use. However, battery life drops dramatically when using the infrared feature.

UAV Engines

Elbit UK UAV Engines has been targeted by Palestinian protesters since 2014. The campaign against Elbit has increased in recent years with the launch of Palestine Action. This group uses various tactics to disrupt Elbit operations. In September 2020, the group occupied Elbit UK’s head office for three days. As a result, the company was unable to operate for two weeks, causing significant losses.

The protester’s actions triggered a counter-protest by the police. The group also occupied Elbit’s UAV Engines facility in September and blocked its factory for three days in November. The protesters claimed that police pepper-sprayed legal observers. The police subsequently dropped the case, but a similar protest is likely in the future. Ultimately, the protest was unsuccessful, but the costs involved are high. In addition to the disruptions to production, the general manager of Elbit UK UAV Engines, David Cliff, wrote in a written police statement that the protests have cost the company around PS186,000, which is about $280,000.

The Israeli military uses Elbit drones for operations in Palestine and Iraq, and their engines are crucial components of these weapons. In fact, the company was able to sell its Hermes 450 drone engine to British police and the UK Border Patrol, for surveillance purposes in the English Channel. As a result, the company has been targeted by Palestinian Action on a regular basis.

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